South Lazio Travel Guide

South Lazio is so rich in natural beauty, history, architecture, culture and tradition. Indeed the region of South Lazio is blessed in many ways.

Beaches and Coastline

The Riviera Di Ulisse of South Lazio has one of the most beautiful and scenic stretches of coastline in Italy and can boast numerous golden sandy beaches. It is said to have the best beaches near Rome. The sea is crystal clear, and the beaches are interspersed by secluded rocky coves, caves, headlands guarded by watchtowers and sheltered harbours. The rocky cliffs are also popular with free climbers from all around the world.

Holiday Sperlonga Levante in South Lazio Italy
San Felice Circeo Watch Tower in South Lazio Italy
Grotto of Tiberius in Sperlonga South Lazio Italy

Mountains and Countryside

Yet close-by are the dramatic Aurunci, Ausoni and Lepini mountains which border the Southern Appenines and the Abruzzo National Park. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a diversity of landscapes:  verdant tranquil hillsides; silvery green olive groves; rivers, lakes and craggy peaks. There are several protected wildlife and nature reserves within South Lazio.

Itri in the Aurunci Mountains in Italy
Maranola and Aurunci Mountains in South Lazio Italy

Colourful Seaside Towns

There are also many attractive and fashionable seaside towns to visit, each having a long an interesting history. These include the coastal resorts of Anzio, San Felice Circeo, Terracina, Sperlonga, Gaeta, Formia and Scauri.

Boats in the Harbour of Sperlonga Italy
San Felice Circeo in South Lazio Italy
Old Town and Harbourof Gaeta in Italy

Hilltop Towns and Villages

There are many picturesque hilltop towns and villages, which have been guarded for centuries by ancient castles and fortified walls. Here you can still find evidence of the local culture and traditions of days gone by.

Village of Castellonerato in South Lazio Italy
Itri and its Castle in South Lazio Italy
Monte San Biagio in South Lazio Italy

This beautiful region area of South Lazio is divided into two provinces, Latina and Frosinone.

Towns in the Province of Latina in South Lazio

Towns in the Province of Frosinone in South Lazio

Towns in the Val di Comino

Holiday Apartments Near Sperlonga Itri in South Lazio Italy


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