Minturno in South Lazio Italy

Welcome to Minturno – The town of Minturno is situated near the coast in South Lazio on the border with the region of Campania. It has had an interesting history over the ages. It was originally the territory of the Ausoni people before being conquered by the Romans. Under Roman rule Minturnae became an important coastal town located at the mouth of the river Liris, now the Garigliano.  Due to attacks by the Goths, Longobards and Saracen raiders the Roman town was abandoned and a new fortified settlement was formed on higher ground, which took the name of Traetto. In the 19th century the town took on its present name. During the Second World War Minturno was situated on the German Gustav Line. The local people suffered greatly during these times of conflict and many soldiers died in the attempts to breach the German’s defenses.

Places of Interest To Visit

There are many places of interest to visit in the Minturno area including: the Baronial Castle and the Historic Centre, ancient churches and surrounding villages, the Archaeological Site of Roman Minturnae, the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery, the Bourbon Bridge on the Garigliano.  Closeby there are beautiful beaches at the seaside resorts of Marina di Minturno and Scauri and and also you can discover the Natural Park of the headland of Monte D’Oro.

Feast Days and Festivals

During July Minturno celebrates the Feast of the Madonna delle Grazie and it also holds the Wheat Harvest Festival called the Sagra delle Regne.  Minturno also hosts a colourful International Folklore Festival when local traditional dance groups perform alongside other dancers from all around the world.

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