The River Garigliano and the Bourbon Bridge

In Minturno the River Garigliano flows, towards its estuary, beside the ancient Roman town of Minturnae. The Garigliano forms the natural border that separates the regions of Lazio and Campania. In Roman times the river was known as the LirisIn medieval times it was called the Verde) and then it marked the southern border of the Papal States of Rome.

Visible today is the Bourbon bridge, or Ponte Borbonico Real Ferdinando, which was constructed at the bequest of King Ferdinand II in 1832. It was designed by engineer Luigi Jura and was suspended on iron chains, which was a great feat of engineering for that time. It was the first such bridge to be built in Italy and the second in Europe.  Sadly it was destroyed in 1943 during the conflict of the Second World War, however subsequently it was reconstructed in 1998. It is now only open to pedestrian visitors.  It is decorated with Egyptian columns guarded by Sphinx statues.

Closeby is the new road bridge which connects Lazio with Campania and the South of Italy.