The Historic Centre of Minturno / Traetto

A photo tour of the historic centre of Medieval Minturno. Piazza della Vittoria leads off the main square of Piazza Portella. Here there are a number of small shops and bars / cafés. Outside one bar there is an ancient Roman statue on a podium.

La Portella Gateway

Below is Piazza Portella, near one of Minturno’s gateways into the historic centre of town which is known as La Portella.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

The main street that leads through the centre of the old town is Corso Vittorio Emanuele. This has many little alleyways running off it and it seems that there is something of interest around every corner.

Some of the old houses are in a somewhat dilapidated state of repair, however in recent years many have undergone restoration bringing a new breath of life into the Medieval centre.

Religious Shrines

There are a number of religious shrines in the various quarters of the town.

La Porta Nuova

Below is another old gateway leading into the Medieval historic centre of town known as Porta Nuova.


There are many characteristic old doorways.

Some of the doorways have ancient family crests carved above them.

Below are some interesting architectural details. If you look carefully as you wander around the historic centre you can see that a number of pieces of Roman architectual elements  have been incorporated into the old buildings.

Alleys and Passageways

On one side of the town there is a warren of little passageways and alleys that were built into the town walls, to help guard against Turkish pirate invaders.