Minturno International Folklore Festival

Each summer the town of Minturno hosts an International Folklore Festival, one the final night of the Wheat Harvest Festival or Sagra delle Regne. Minturno welcomes many colourful dance troupes from around the world to share their cultural traditions and music. The dancers are invited to get to know the local townspeople and other dancers. They are also able to explore the local area and to take part in Minturno’s social activities such as the Wheat Festival. In the year 2017 there were colourful performances by groups from Chile, Mexico, Macedonia and Maldova. In addition local dance groups from Minturno also give performances, and travel to attend other dance festivals taking place all around the world.  

Photos of Dance Troupes at the International Folklore Festival of Minturno

Below is a selection of photos of dance troupes that have performed at Minturno’s International Folklore Festival.