Minturno Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery

The British War Grave Commission Cemetery is situated on the Roman Appian Way or SS7. It is in  close  proximity  to  the Bourbon bridge that spans the River Garigliano and the remains of the Roman town of Minturnae. Here lie the bodies of 2,049 brave British Commonwealth soldiers who fell during battles in this area during World War II. The German defensive position, known as the Gustav Line, stretched from the River Garigliano on the west of Italy to the River Sangro on the eastern side.  Repeated attempts were made by the Allies to breach this strategic line. During the offensives of January 1944, shortly before the landings at Anzio, heavy casualties were sustained when the British 5th Division endeavored to cross the wide and fast flowing Garigliano River.

The Cemetery is  immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission.  It was designed by Louis de Soissons.  There is another large British War Cemetery in the town of Cassino, for many soldiers who died during the long drawn-out Battle of Montecassino.