Minturno’s Neighbouring Towns and Villages

There are several villages and small towns which together form the municipality of Minturno. The surrounding villages include the following:

Santa Maria Infante

The village of Santa Maria Infante has a church which, over time, has taken on different names: Santa Maria de Olifano, Santa Maria dello Lévano, and Santa Maria dell’Elefante. Inside there is a painting of the Madonna delle Grazie with Saints by Sebastiano Conca.  The church was destroyed during the ferocious Battle of Santa Maria Infante during World War II and subsequently rebuilt in a modern style.

There is a large War Memorial dedicated to the citizens of Minturno who lost their lives during  the two World Wars.

In Santa Maria Infante there is a beautiful monument dedicated to the people of Minturno who left their beloved town to begin new lives in foreign distant lands. Also below is a view of the Aurunci Mounains from just outside Santa Maria Infante.


The medieval village of Pulcherini dates back to the 15th century.  It has an 18th century church dedicated to San Giuseppe which was badly damaged during the WWII, but has since been restored.

Each Good Friday the citizens of Pulcherini carry out a re-enactment of the Passion of Christ


Tufo which was founded in the 15th century and in the main square stands the Chiesa di San Leonardo Abate built in 1571.  The church has undergone various alterations over the years. It has a single nave and four side altars dedicated to Sant’Antonio da Padova and  San Leonardo Abate, Santa Lucia and San Francesco.


The village of Tremensuoli, first documented in 945, is situated on a hill that overlooks the plains and shoreline of Scauri.  It is approximately half a kilometre from the old town of Minturno.  There is a 16th century church dedicated to San Nicandro Martire, who is the patron saint of the village. The church houses the 19th century wooden statues of San Nicandro and San Sebastiano.  The feast day of San Nicandro is celebrated on the second weekend of August.  The feast of San Sebastiano falls on the 20th January.  In the village there is also the new church of Sacro Cuore di Gesù.

Fontana Perrelli

In the district of Fontana Perrelli is the church of the Maria Santissima della Libera or della Fontana.  It dates from the 14th century) and was originally dedicated to Santa Maria in Bethlem.

Other nearby villages include Le Tore, Tufo di Minturno, Olivello, San Marco, Solacciano and Vaglia.

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