Churches of Sperlonga

In the heart of the old town is the former church of Santa Maria di Spelonca, dating from the early 12th century.  It is known by the locals as Sancta Mariae de Sperlonche. The religious building was badly damaged in the bombing during the Second World War, however, it has recently undergone extensive renovation.  It is no longer serves as a church but is now used for exhibitions, cultural events and performances.  During the restoration work some wonderful 12th century mosaics were revealed.  The church contained several chapels including one dedicated to San Domenico, and the 18th century “Chapel of the Presepe” dedicated to the patron saint of Sperlonga, San Leone Magno.

The Chapel of San Rocco

In lower Sperlonga there is a lovely little chapel named La Capella di San Rocco (Extra Mura) which would have been situated outside the town walls.

There are several little shrines in the old quarter of Sperlonga.

In the higher section of the town there is an abandoned monastery.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo

Nearby in Piazza Europa stands the newer church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo. This was constructed in 1964 to replace the one in the old centre of Sperlonga that was destroyed during WWII. The building has a progressive design, the interior is spacious and light and decorated with colourful stained glass windows. Behind the altar is a tall mosaic in a modern style.

The Townhall or Comune of Sperlonga

Also in the spacious Piazza Europa stands the Town Hall or Comune di Sperlonga.

The War Memorial in Sperlonga

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