Sperlonga Coastline Italy

The Harbour and Watch Tower of Sperlonga

Sperlonga was for many years a quiet little fishing village. Howver during the 1960’s, following the building of the new coast road the Via Flacca, the harbour was expanded to accommodate and provide facilities for the growing number of pleasure vessels that wanted to moor there. A breakwater was also constructed to help protect the little port.

Fishing remains to be an important local industry and Sperlonga has its little fleet of fishing boats that go out to sea daily to supply Sperlonga’s many restaurants with fresh fish and seafood.  Each September Sperlonga holds a gastronomic event, I Sapori di Mare, which translates as a The Flavours of the Sea. During the festival the locals fry up “blue” fish such as sardines and anchovies and serve them to the public. There are also stalls selling local arts and crafts.

It is lovely to take a gentle stroll around the colourful picturesque little port.  There are beautiful views of the old town of Sperlonga perched above on the hill of Colle San Magno.  Beside the harbour is the Spiaggia dell’Angolo which has some restaurants and bars.  It is also possible to hire a boat for the day from the harbour and there is a Scuba Diving Centre which offers information, courses and local diving excursions.

Sperlonga’s Watchtower The Torre Truglia

The Torre Truglia, positioned on a rocky spit still dominates the entrance to the small harbour of Sperlonga.  It was built in 1532 on the remains of an ancient Roman tower, and has been rebuilt several times. At one stage the tower was used as a Customs House. Nowadays, during the summer months, it houses exhibitions and cultural events such as the  Sperlonga Jazz music festival. The watchtower is also used to host Environmental Education Workshops.

Views of Sperlonga Old Town From The Harbour

Some colourful courtyards and gardens of the old town.

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